Group Benefits

As an independent agent, Hailstone can supply insurance from numerous quality carriers -- and we do, in order to find the best possible plan for you. Still, most companies select an insurance company from among several household names.

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Understanding the Unique Needs of Medical and Dental Professionals

Hailstone's success is measured by how often they are recommended to others. Being referred is particularly significant when it comes from a physician.

"Doctors rely on communicating with other doctors about their experiences with the companies they do business with, and word-of-mouth information travels quickly in the physician community, " says Lynn Hailstone. "Today, we recognize that providing our services to more than 500 medical and dental professionals in the area comes with a special responsibility to actively participate in the health care information exchange."

Hailstone, for example, works with office manager groups and independent physician associations to educate their members about how HIPAA affects them as employers. This is only part of the added value Hailstone brings to the busy environments of many doctors and their administrators. It is one reason doctors recommend them.

"It is a privilege to have achieved such a reputation with doctors because they fully understand the implications of health insurance decisions. We know that if we can deliver insurance products and customer service solutions to meet their needs effectively, we can do the same for absolutely any business."