the hailstone difference:
a passion for people

What makes Hailstone Insurance Group different is a passion for people. It's a passion that drives our whole company -- from the top down.

Insurance carriers pay agents a commission for every policy they sell. Different carriers pay different levels of commission. Many insurance agents steer their clients toward the carrier that pays the best commission, regardless of how well their policy fits the client's needs. Hailstone Insurance Group will not do that. We work for you, not for the carriers we represent.

We know you work within a budget. We know you have accountability to your ownership. We know you have accountability to your stockholders. Our job is to find the benefit package that best serves both your employees and your bottom line. We know which carriers have the best track records for paying claims. We know which ones will give you problems down the line, with hidden exclusions, coverage limits and denied claims. We know how to balance cost against performance to assess the highest value. We know how to select the policy that best covers the ongoing health conditions of your particular group. And that's the policy we'll recommend for you, regardless of how much commission it pays.

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