People Love Hailstone Insurance!

"My husband and I have been in the automobile business for over 40 years and while we are confident in our profession, we know that especially in this day and time with the insurance industry, you need someone with the expertise and experience to give your company the best insurance options.  For Moore’s Car Corner, that experience comes from Lynn Hailstone and Hailstone Insurance Group. We have been customers of Lynn’s for many years and have never been more satisfied with Lynn and her entire staff.  All are friendly, knowledgeable, and on top of all the changes within the insurance industry. We fully trust and rely on their experience and expertise."

Curtis and Connie Moore, Moore’s Car Corner  

“I have had the distinct pleasure in working with Lynn, Jill, Shannon, and Diane over the past several years.  They are true professionals who know their business well.  They’ve assisted Zion with understanding the changing landscape of healthcare and the impact on insurance coverages and premiums.  They are super friendly people who always handle my phone calls and email inquiries with skill and patience.  We are very fortunate to have Hailstone as a valued service provider.”

Mike Croswell, Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.

"Lynn and her crew at Hailstone Insurance is my lifeline in the world of insurance…truly, my rope in the jungle!  I never doubt that she will do the digging and present me with the best possible options for our employees. The Hailstone team is efficient, trustworthy and always willing and eager to help.  Wouldn’t want to be without them…"

Melinda, Urgent Surgery Associates

"Flower Mound Women’s Care has been doing business with Hailstone Insurance Group since 2006.  They have always taken personal professional care of our needs.  They clearly enjoy the “people” aspect of their jobs.    Our expectations have continued to be exceeded with great customer service and value.  I would not hesitate to recommend this Agency."

B. Chevallier, Practice Manager

“The Hailstone Insurance Group has repeatedly exceeded our expectations in customer service and professionalism and has set the bar in my opinion in these areas.  I’ve worked with Lynn and her top notch team for over 10 years now and have referred them to many of my other colleagues for their insurance needs.  They are always very responsive to our needs and knowledgeable about the healthcare industry in general and keep us informed of any changes or issues that might impact our company.  I have an abundance of trust in this company and plan on using their services for years to come.”

Gina, DFW Consulting Group, Inc.

"We have been clients of The Hailstone Insurance Group for quite some number of years.  They have always been courteous, professional, and keep us enlightened on the most recent changes in the healthcare industry.  I have been most impressed with their personnel in particular.  They are always very, very responsive to each and every one of our needs.  In the past, we’ve had experience with brokers that just “left you hanging” after you sign on with them.  This has never been the case with Hailstone."

Cindy, Berry R. Cox, Inc.

"I have been self-employed since 1982 and have been fighting for affordable health insurance coverage for my family and for my employees and their families since about 1995.  I take health insurance for my families very seriously.  I consider affordable health insurance for my families to be a moral obligation; I cannot "not afford it".  It was terrifying in the middle 2000's to realize that I may not be able to afford health insurance for my families.  I may not be able to get my guys to Medicare.

I looked at everything:  employee leasing, PEO, HSA, HRA, FSA, VEBA, welfare benefit plans, cafeteria plans, consumer directed health plans(CDHP), medical reimbursement(section 105) and on and on.

My rates began to go up 20% and 30% per year.  What am I to do; I have to have insurance for my families.  My health insurance agent at that time did not have any new options for me; I think, in hindsight,  he was just a middleman and he really did not know how to negotiate.

I only learned that after finding Lynn Hailstone and her team.  Lynn knows how to negotiate with the insurance companies.  She is a lot more than a middleman for the insurance companies. 

Lynn and her team are fantastic to work with; customer service is their middle name; every single one of them is available and wants to help you.

I am so pleased with the Hailstone Group; I have peace of mind; I will be able to provide health insurance to my families; I will get my guys to Medicare. 

President, EMK3